Your Essential New Home Windows Selection Guide

Reasons to Install Double-Glazed Windows

16 May 2023
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A great way to upgrade your house is to install double-glazed units on the windows. Here are some reasons to go ahead with this sort of efficiency improvement. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient Enjoying a feeling of comfort when you're at home is a crucial thing to consider when planning remodels and upgrades. It's important to be able to wind down and relax at home. Double-glazed windows can help create a peaceful oasis where you can do this. Read More …

Three Benefits of Installing Outdoor Blinds on Your Property

29 September 2022
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Outdoor blinds are window coverings designed to be used in outdoor spaces. They can be made from various materials, including fabric, metal, and plastic, and can be operated manually or via a motorised system. Outdoor blinds can provide privacy, shade, and protection from the elements and can be used in residential and commercial settings.  Outdoor blinds are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, as they offer a practical solution for outdoor shading areas while allowing for views and natural light. Read More …

3 Essential Tips for Selecting a Double Glazed Door Provider

17 June 2022
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Poorly insulated homes are a common challenge for most homeowners in Australia. Most houses struggle to retain heat from air conditioning systems, which often escapes quickly into the surrounding environment. Double-glazed doors are perfect for resolving this problem. These doors consist of two glass panes, separated by a hermetically sealed layer of inert gas. The layer of gas acts as an effective acoustic and thermal insulator. Therefore, quality is a critical consideration with double-glazed doors. Read More …

Choosing the Right Glass for Your Wet Room

22 February 2022
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When you're refitting your bathroom, a wet room is usually a highly desirable feature. One element of your wet room that may take a lot of consideration is the glass. From the way you style it through to the positioning, each factor can make or break the area you shower in. Here's what you may need to consider.  Glass Styling A lot of wet room shower screens benefit from tempered glass. Read More …

Should You Install Double Glazed Windows?

15 October 2021
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Double glazed windows weren't introduced into Australia until the 1990s as a way to insulate houses. Unlike Europe and North America, Australia does not experience cold winters. The major cities rarely experience snow, but they could use protection against heat loss during winter; thus, saving on heating bills. In addition, installing double glazed windows in your home will help reduce UV light that typically causes fading of carpets and furnishings. Read More …

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Your Essential New Home Windows Selection Guide

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